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mother greats flashcards

Instagram has been the most amazing networking tool out there. Long gone are the days of having to attend stuffy events trying to find like-minded businesses to collaborate with. I “met” Rachel (@mothergrrl), a Northern Ireland mum, somewhere along this journey. A few weeks ago she announced her new inspired project that celebrates the great things about being a mother, I knew that Punky Moms had to support her. It’s all about supporting your local mama gang, even if they aren’t your idea of local and living down the street. 

mother greats giveaway for moms

Mother Greats are a set of 20 flashcards each with a grrrrreat thing about being a mum. They are the perfect little present for a new mom who needs a bit of laughter in her life. Tape one on the fridge,put it in the diaper bag, the bread bin. Get your partner or friend to hold them up before your eyes when you have been up since 3.40am with a blocked duct and a tambourine – wielding baby. 

Some days as a mom you think you might be loosing your mind. You are delirious with tiredness and feeling like you have no effin clue what you are doing.

Take a peek at one of these MOTHER GREATS cards

and get yourself back to a level headed zone with a bit of laughter.  

mother greats funny cards for new moms

Rachel says, “The Lolz are what get me back on track. Whether it’s Arlo doing a Fake Sneeze for attention or my husband making up songs about Sophie La Giraffe WE’VE GOT TO HAVE SOME LAUGHS DAMMIT and I hope that these cards will make you (treat yo’self!) or your friends and fam laugh on dark days and ludicrously early mornings.”

There’s even a hashtag #mothergreats so you can take a peak and see what some other mums are up to. 

We are so lucky to have our very own set to give away to one lucky winner. OPEN WORLDWIDE. Yay! Fill out your enteries before with the trusty widget below. Contest runs for one full week (ending Tuesday the 19th). Winners will be announced privately and over social media next Wednesday!


Flashcards Giveaway! 


mother greats

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