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Minerva is the first and Persephone is the second in a series of limited edition logos being done exclusively for Punky Moms by tattoo artist Fish . Each logo represents a different facet of our members. The logos will run for a few months each on our sites and in our store.

Our newest logo released in 2014 was created by Ben Garner at Kudu Design in Liverpool.

Our pregnant Punky friend was created by Winter Rosebudd and edited digitally by Jennifer Johnpoll of Ten Oh Four Design Studio.

Photos of the Sarah, Jenn, and Winter were taken by Darla Teagarden of Darla Teagarden Photography.

A lot of our featured images are submitted by the writers themselves but we also have a few photographers that contribute as well.

Bex at Bumbles and Light

Clare at Bumble & Bea Photography

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We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome

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