Jessica is a mom of 3 and owner of Roost and Roam, a small handmade business that makes wonderful home and travel accessories.
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We Love This Handmade Business Roost and Roam

June 25, 2016 Diana 0

Jessica, the woman behind the business Roost and Roam, has always loved being creative. As a kid she started doing modern dance and as the years passed, her creativity started to become more centered around her home and […]

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The Bee & The Fox – Featured Mom Small Business

October 15, 2015 Diana 1

Ashley and her husband Willy have frequent conversations about life, their jobs, passions and how each of these interact with one another. Sometimes working for the man takes a toll. They both have had times […]

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Hallow Society – Featured Mom Small Business

October 1, 2015 Diana 0

Hallow Society is a small independent company, comprised of two friends creating things under the influence of stuff they love, with a particular devotion and influence from heavy metal! They’ve got a weakness for killer […]

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Rockin Poppet – Featured Mom Small Business

September 17, 2015 Diana 0

Like so many of us, Bebee found herself to be a new mom searching markets and on line stores for something different.  Then she said, “Why not do it myself?”  So she dusted off the […]

Finch designs are our Featured Mom Small Business of the Week
Mom Small Business Features

Finch Designs – Featured Mom Small Business

August 20, 2015 Diana 0

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa from Finch Designs for this week’s small business feature. Lisa was born and raised in Minnesota, with a love for travel and fabric. She is a mother of two and revels in […]

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Eating Edible – Punky Moms Featured Shop

July 16, 2015 Diana 3

Eating Edible is a small, women-owned business that offers gluten, dairy, egg and wheat-free care packages.  I has the pleasure of interviewing Catherine from Eating Edible and here is what she had to say:  PM […]