The Myth Of Me Time. Don't You Dare Feel Guilty About Wanting A Break. Do it for yourself. Most importantly do it for your children.
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The Myth Of Me Time

November 7, 2016 Christy 1

Remember me time? Remember when it was just called ‘time’? Remember spending the whole night watching crap on TV and eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s without having to pretend it was spicy so […]

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Parenting Lies We Tell Ourselves

July 1, 2016 Guest Poster 0

Never say Never again. Pregnancy can be a wonderful time and, like all things in life, each pregnancy is different. As women, it can affect our bodies in strange and wonderful ways. From the moment […]

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December 21, 2015 Guest Poster 3

Motherhood.  The greatest challenge I’ve been handed. The greatest gift I’ve been given. My life-changer. My purpose.  Motherhood.  It’s love at first sight. It’s magic. It’s soaring. It’s heartbreak. It’s helplessness. It’s tears of happiness. […]