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The Full List Of Our Rad Parenting Groups

Punky Moms Facebook Group - A great place to find parenting advice and create meetups with other like minded moms and dads.
Main Facebook Family - Open to Everyone

At first we started creating region specific Facebook groups for our members and to be honest it sucked. Trying to moderate like 10 groups with no real way to organically get members in each group was ridiculous and the groups were ghost towns…so last year we called it and decided to shut them down and create ONE BIG FACEBOOK GROUP

and boom! It exploded, everyone started inviting their friends and those friends invited others…and now the big group is starting subgroups that are region specific…funny how that works eh?

We will always have the forum. The truly safest spot on the internet. Our Secret Society is only accessible by having 250 posts so you can know that the people you are chatting with and sharing your deepest darkest parenting secrets have been around the block a few times. In fact we are celebrating 10 years this month being at our current forum location! Lots of memories have been made there. CRAZY!

Punky Moms has several facebook groups set up to help connect other parents with like minded friends. Ask for parenting advice from a fantastic group of people. Leave your judgements at the door.

Every week it seems we are opening a new subgroup in the Punky Moms family so we thought it was time to gather all those subgroups into one place for you easily to jump in and participate even further into the Punky Moms Community.

Leave your judgements at the door! These are the best facebook groups for parenting!


Family Facebook group – Open to everyone!

Punky Dads

Punky Grandmas



Punky Book Club

Comics to Tomes. All things literary.

Punky Blog Squad

Blogs are cool. Join this group to share ideas, swap tips.

Craft Punk

Cross-stitch, knit, crochet, hot glue, drawing, whatever you have, show us your creative side.

Kitchen of Chaos

Swap recipes, meal plans, tips and tricks.

Witchy Moms

Magickal practitioners of all paths are welcome.


Get accountable!

US Political Resistbot

Share ideas on using the Resistbot to fax your senators and reps.

Punky Moms Save the World

The group that shares activism together, stays together


We take PRIDE in our members

Self Love and Care

We all need self care. Swap tips, share and seek support.

Punky pups to gothic geckos.
We don’t need no education…or maybe we do. Come quietly share your tips, tricks, joys and support

Sell Your Shit!

Swap Meet Worldwide $$



Some of our subgroups are secret given the delicate nature of the group and aren’t listed here. Please see the file in Punky Moms Family for additional information.
Punky Moms just keeps growing and growing. Have an idea for a subgroup? Get in touch and let’s get one set up!

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