Punk Ed: Why We Homeschool

Why we homeschool. The ultimate punk rock education.

Alternatively titled: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Homeschooling. I homeschool my teen baby bat and it’s not because I feel that educational institutions are for squares. It’s definitely not for religious reasons. We homeschool because it was the best option for my child and our family and I’m pro-whatever works for you. I’ll save you the long story about the events that took place prior to the decision, but I will say that it wasn’t pretty and there were tears for everyone.

It was actually my spouse that suggested it. I laughed, I questioned their sanity, I exclaimed that I did not have the patience for such a thing. The seed was planted though.

I researched various ideologies and methods, learned the difference between unschooling, Charlotte Mason, classical, and textbook based. I joined Facebook groups and forums. It’s a whole other subculture! I learned that I wasn’t the only one who had doubts or felt certain that I didn’t have the patience. I became confident that I didn’t have to offer perfection and we began our homeschooling adventure in 2011.

Why we homeschool. The ultimate Punk Rock Education

The first year was tumultuous, both the kid and I had to figure out what the expectations were on both ends (you mean we don’t have to be dressed and schooling at 8 am?). It was strange for me to be at home all day with my kid again, I had flashbacks to toddlerhood when I would’ve opened a vein for just five minutes of adult conversation. However, what I found that first year that impacted my decision to continue was that, when given the ability to work at their own ability per subject they had an opportunity to flourish and we were able to nurture interest led passions.

It’s been fun for me too, I know more about space than I ever cared to know. Anywhere and anything can be turned into an educational field trip to supplement your learning. Lots of places have homeschool discounts or days with an extra bonus that it’s less crowded than normal thanks to your awesome new school hours.

Who else out there is homeschooling?

Why we homeschool. The ultimate punk rock education.




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Delirium fancies herself as a pretentious punk version of Martha Stewart. When not finding spots to stash books and craft supplies, she classically home educates one baby bat teenager.


  1. I have been homeschooling since 2012. Logistacl circumstanced brought me to home schooling. I home school 5 kiddos 11,9,8 and 5 yo twins. Sometimes its hard as fuck, most times its awesome.

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