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  1. Heyyyyyy youuuuuu guys

  2. Doesn't surprise me at all that this is in England

  3. Since a move from Liverpool is happening for us...if anybody wants a postcard sent to them or their kids from Liverpool, let me know. Obviously it will reference The Beatles :) PM me your addy x

  4. Man, realized/realised I have been living in England now for 3 years. Went by fast.

  5. So freaking proud of this!!!

  6. Giveaway up on The Milk Collective's page. Ends tomorrow!

  7. The best girl gang I've ever had

  8. Why do people do this?! 13? Please someone go get him!

  9. Gave a little. If everyone else did too, then their problem would be solved. Looking forward to stopping in next year when I visit Celine xox

  10. Jazmin has done it again!