Wear That Baby! A Punky Moms Guide To Baby Carriers

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 I have compiled a nice breakdown of the type of baby carriers out there and my thoughts on each one’s usability. Pretty informative if I do say so myself! Click the links to be taken to most of the company’s websites with further information.

SSC/Buckled Baby Carriers

Ergo, Tula, Boba



Ergo Baby Carrier

  • Easy on and off
  • Need an infant insert for newborns
  • Many different colors and patterns
  • Can find them used for reasonable prices on craigslist, ebay (be careful of course!)
  • Our family’s favorite
  • Companies make larger “toddler” carriers! 

Mei Tai

mei tei baby carriers
  • Slightly more complicated than a buckle style, the straps are tied around the adult’s body
  • Not suitable for newborns, good when baby can hold their head up 
  • Can be less comfortable on shoulders
  • Based on traditional Chinese carriers

Ring Sling

baby carriers ring sling
  • Good from birth until baby is quite large
  • Simple on and off 
  • Millions of patterns and colors
  • Can cost about as much as a nice sweater or much much more
  • Great for quick runs into stores, etc

Stretchy Wrap

Moby, Boba, etc.
 baby carriers sling
  • Easily available from Target, Babies R Us, Amazon, etc
  • Many colors and even patterns available
  • Very good for newborns
  • Learning curve to get started, as it is just a long piece of stretchy fabric
  • Not optimal as baby gets bigger as the stretch looses it’s support
  • Very warm in summer weather

Woven Wrap


baby carriers

  • Big learning curve as far as on and off goes
  • Dads often less “into” wraps
  • Have to be broken in
  • Come in GORGEOUS drool-worthy patterns and colors
  • Pricey but their fans say it’s worth it!
I am least familiar with this type of carrier, haven’t owned any. Here is a website chock full of resources though!
Hope this helps and Happy Hunting!
Featured Image from Sakura Bloom
baby carriers guide hot to baby sling 

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  1. I use a combination — a sling for quick ins and outs, like if we’re doing errands, a soft structured carrier (I have a Tula) for longer wearing — back to school night, a hike at a local wilderness area — and a woven wrap for long wearing around the house, or walks around the neighborhood. I like the woven wrap because it has all the soft cuddliness of the Moby, but a lot more support for bigger babies/toddlers. It also has support on both shoulders in most carries, unlike a sling, so it’s easier on my back. It can be worn on the back, front, or in a hip carry. And LOTS of support is available through Facebook babywearing communities and on YouTube channels like Babywearing Faith.

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