Come read Kirsty's birth story of her son Dexter. A long prodromal labor. She says that the urge to push was the most natural feeling in the world for her.
Birthing & The Aftermath

The Birth Story Of Dexter

June 22, 2016 Guest Poster 0

Come read about Kirsty’s labor in our next Punky Mom’s birth story series For a good 2 to 3 weeks before my due date, I had started to get twinges/sharp pains and noticed a pinkish tinge […]

The Birth Story of Beto at Punky Moms - I hated Being Pregnant. Real life pregnancy talk.
Birthing & The Aftermath

The Birth Story Of Beti

May 25, 2016 Guest Poster 0

I have a confession. I hated being pregnant.Every minute of it. It started with feeling a bit pissed off that my food tasted weird and ended with me wanting to kill myself. I hated the […]

lula birth story
Birthing & The Aftermath

The Birth Story Of Lula

February 2, 2016 Guest Poster 5

We all have our birth plans – a homebirth with a midwife, hospital, epidural, natural, water, or C-section. Whatever the plan is, we all want it to be perfect and safe. However, Mother Nature sometimes […]