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The Ultimate Fierce Feminist Writers List

January 31, 2017 Heather 0

Inspired by Linzi Brooks’ call to arms for books on feminism, womanhood, being a mother and mental health here are some of PMUK’s favourite books by fierce feminist writers. On Womanhood. The writers who say it […]

A Political Punk Rock Playlist
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A Political Playlist Part 2 – Know Your Rights

January 20, 2017 Paula 0

When I asked the Punky Moms Family Facebook group for their recommendations, you can imagine that there was a vast variety of music suggestions. I promised you these political playlists would be a two-parter.  Our first […]

The Future Is Punk After This Election Day. Fight back. Be safe. Love trumps hate. Punky Moms Trump Hate.
Politics & Saving The World

A Tiny Piece Of Me Died on Election Day

January 9, 2017 Kat 2

Funny story.  So, a day or two after the absolute shit show that was the Presidential Election in the U.S., I messaged Paula to ask if I could do an article for Punky Moms.  She […]

A Change Is Gonna Come, is our first political playlist that we are putting out this month. It pays homage to the many protest songs that came before us. A few modern additions including sisters Pussy Riot and troubadour Frank Turner too.
Politics & Saving The World

A Political Playlist – A Change Is Gonna Come

January 6, 2017 Paula 0

Punky Moms are rarely quiet. You would know this by checking out any of our Facebook groups or our OG Forum. When we collectively get behind a cause, we can move mountains. We have lots of events […]

Writers, artists, creatives, and enthusiasts alike…this Pussy Grabs Back. Get Loud And Submit to our first ever zine.
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This Pussy Grabs Back – Get Loud And Join Us!

January 3, 2017 admin 0

Writers, artists, creatives, and enthusiasts alike…this Pussy Grabs Back. Things have been a bit quiet over here at Punky Moms HQ regarding the Punky Moms Trump Hate Calendar Campaign. Although we reached our fundraising goal, […]

Our Best of 2016 playlist is here! Full of the best female led music that has been rocking our speakers. Including Pj Harvey, Mitzki, & The Julie Ruin , Warpaint
Punky Mom Spotify Mixtapes

The Best Female Led Tracks of 2016

December 27, 2016 Paula 0

This is by far one of my favorite Punky Moms mixtapes. Not only do I get to collaborate with my Sister Out Law Hannah again but we also get to talk about all the great […]