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Paula is an old school goth with a riot grrrl heart. Self-proclaimed #mamaboss at Punky Moms. Born in Miami Beach with a background in music business, she followed love and moved to the UK in 2012. She has one little boy named Oscar, a dashing English husband, and a furball terrier at home. She is trying desperately not to miss the Florida sun. You can follow her on IG @riotmthrrr
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We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising children…it’s simple, back to the basics parenting…without judgement. Everyone is welcome
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Got Something To Say? We’re looking for articles that speak to our audience. We want to hear about your lives as a new parent or navigating the teenage years for the first time and we also want to hear about that band whose show you went to the other night (ya know, the first time you’ve been out in MONTHS) and their new album. Use our contact form or send us an email at [email protected] Can’t wait to have you on our team!
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Diana Jeanne is a creative and crafty mom who has been actively involved with Punky Moms for the last decade. Even though she moved around a lot as a kid she still considers herself a native Californian. She currently lives in Orlando, FL with her teenage son, husband and two Great Danes. She may work an office job but keeps her individuality with her under layer of bleached hair, half sleeves and back tattoos under her cardigan sweaters.
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Jenn has been described as “the archetype of the next generation matriarch” – whatever that means. She resides in not-so-sunny south Florida. With her children working on being nearly grown, she dreams about living in a tiny house almost anywhere else. Jenn runs the technical aspect of Punky Moms. Whenever there is a tech problem, she fixes it. She is the great and powerful Oz.
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Delirium fancies herself as a pretentious punk version of Martha Stewart. When not finding spots to stash books and craft supplies, she classically home educates one baby bat teenager.
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Randi is a single mama of 2 boys in the hot hot state of Florida. She considers, "You're a mom and you can tell that you absolutely adore your kids, but being a mom doesn't define you" as one of the best compliments she's ever received. She enjoys epic bike rides with her growing bike posse (ok, her kids), making lists and surviving the 8 months of summer in her pool.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Jessica Grandey loves hugging trees and making botanical medicines in doc martens and dark eyeliner. She has studied botany, herbalism, aromatherapy, and holistic nutrition for 15 years and LOVES helping friends and family discover the DIY anti-establishment attitude of folk herbalism while respecting nature and using sustainable practices. She is the mother of two, a huge supporter of United Plant Savers and a giant advocate of safety and smarts with essential oils.
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Tricia Crackers is a pizza slinging, red lipstick wearing, pop punk mom from the Pittsburgh area. When not petting cats, she enjoys adult beverage consumption and t-shirt altering.
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Stephanie is mom of three and currently residing 30.4 miles away from her BFF, Nicole (also mom of three). Barely surviving on phone calls, texts, and infrequent hangs- they didn’t meet on craigslist, but could possibly have known each other in a previous life. Kindred spirits. Mom-friends. World travelers. (okay it was Epcot in February)
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Christy is a first time mom and blogger to 1 year old baby C. She’s a cat and music loving former party girl turned earth mama; with a love for all things holistic and natural, as well as for the odd bottle of sauvignon. She lives in a village in Bedfordshire with her partner Dan, baby C, British Bulldog Albert and Luna-Evie the people hating British Blue.
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Hannah is a body positive feminist & mama to two boys living in New Orleans with her sweetheart who she married in a cemetery. She spends her free time collecting music, gardening, practicing Magick, & making stuff & things.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Bibliophile. Introvert. Retired Riot Grrl. Straight Edge Mum. As much of an activist as I can be with a baby strapped to my chest.
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George is a dad of 3 (2 young adults and one teen), who has dragged each of them to music fests and concert halls to properly indoctrinate them to the best in music. He is a big fan of Orlando City Soccer Club and a proud grad of UCF and Rollins College.
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Nikki Mayeux is a writer, special educator, newbie urban homesteader, and mama living in New Orleans. When she’s not overthinking existential questions, she enjoys fitness and aerial arts, taking her daughter to the zoo, and taking way too many pictures with her plant identifier app.
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Allison is a quirky Social Worker currently residing in America’s wang (Florida). She’s a single mom to two boys. When she’s not saving the babies she is soaking in as much time with her girlfriends as possible. She is a hardcore Mr. T fan and pities any fool that doesn’t join Punky Moms!
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Forever nostalgic, a little sarcastic. Always available for hugs. 35 year old Alex, single, creative mama to Phoebe. Living in London and blogging her way through motherhood. One typo at a time. 
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Every 2 weeks our Mixtape team puts out a new music playlist for you to stream free on our Spotify station. Turn it up!
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During normal business hours, Kat is a lawyer, but in her off time, Kat loves to cook, craft, and mix up fantastic cocktails. Kat lives in Florida with her husband and three dumb cats. While no doubt punky, Kat is not yet a punky mom.
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Nina is a single mama who is learning the balance of raising a little boy while working full-time. You can read more about her adventures in single parenting at mosandme.wordpress.com
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Kara 3 Articles
Kara Synhorst is a high school teacher from Sacramento, CA living happily with her husband Reza, daughter Azadeh, and son Lochlan. She writes poetry to torture herself and plays bass to unwind.
About Rachel 3 Articles
Rachel Kathryn is a wife, new mom, and not so new photographer in the peachy state of Georgia. Mildly crunchy with a chip on her shoulder for feminism, she's just trying not to fuck it all up too badly. She's a recovering perfectionist trying to do good while having a good time. Live slow, die old. IG @hermoon.herstars
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Hera Caine is a foul-mouthed, crafty, crazy-haired, mom of 3. When she isn’t forcing a smile while listening to the same nonsensical knock-knock jokes for hours on end, she spends her days writing with a quill dipped in the blood of her enemies and the tears of the defeated.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Angie is a full-time mama of four. She used to save the world professionally, working and volunteering with multiple international nonprofits over the last two decades. Currently, she's employing a more subversive tactic of saving the world by raising a small army of do-gooders.
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Holly Elise is Green Robot Mama, blogger & youtuber & actual mama to two little sprogs (one girl and one boy). Married to a STEM teacher/game developer, living in an intergenerational home in Honolulu Hawaii, she's geeky, punky, and gothy and enjoys reading fan-fic while thinking of new and creative makeup looks.
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Jacqui is a single mom of 2 in Los Angeles. She makes artisan cosmetics for her small biz, White Witch Beauty and works at a K-8 school. She believes in magic and glitter and is a devout cat worshipper.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Michael Fisher, Fish to his friends and family, has worn many hats in his long life. He’s done a little of everything, including US Navy Hospital Corpsman, club DJ, security specialist, psychiatric technician, painter, and currently, father, Mason, author and tattooer, not necessarily in that order. He has a love of ugly Hawaian shirts. He also bears a passing resemblance to Walter Sobchak in The Big Lebowski.
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Julia is a graphic designer and the mother of the coolest five year old around. Based in Orlando, you can find her at juliaelliot.com
About Denny 2 Articles
Denny is a full-time mama of 2 , professional body piercer, cat lady who loves to cook. Born and raised in London she moved to sunny Portugal with her tattooer fiance to live a slow and calm life by the sea. Together they own a cosy little Tattoo studio where you can always find Denny with her baby boy on her hip and wild haired daughter drawing on client's arms ;) IG:missdennyb
About Natalie 1 Article
Natalie lives in middle England with her guitar hero husband and dog worrying cat, Mr T. She is mom to one man club, Felix. Having done every job from zoo keeper to shoe shop manager, she is currently on maternity leave from her (very boring) office job. She dreams of one day making a living, making the random stuff she currently makes for fun, and showing her little man the world.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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British transgender man, Mum to Wee Chum aged ten and twelve animals including Jazz the Wonder Dog, four mad cats, two rabbits of noble heritage, two hamsters who don't like people, two corn snakes who don't mind a cuddle, and a tarantula who's dead boring but really pretty.
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