Podcasts. We love a good podcast over at Punky Moms. Bex has compiled a list of her personal favs as well as some podcast recommendations from some of our members in our Facebook group.
Books, Poetry & Spoken Word

11 Podcasts You Should Be Subscribing To

April 29, 2016 Bex 5

I’ve never been one for audio books. I have always found it difficult to listen to them while concentrating on doing anything else; getting too wrapped up in listening to a long narrative and discovering […]

Politics & Saving The World

A Positive Body Image Message for Girls – JOUZGE

November 6, 2015 Bex 0

A Positive Body Image Message for Girls Growing up it is difficult to avoid the body-image messages put out by magazines, tv shows, fad diets, and food advertisements. Even as an adult who should really […]

No Picture
Grade School

Try This Melting Crayons Kid Craft

June 6, 2015 Bex 0

The sun shone brightly into our newly painted living room over the weekend. We woke a little too early for my liking on Saturday morning, but we all spent the day together playing and relaxing. […]

Miso Crafty

Hungry Caterpillar | Bumbles and Light

March 30, 2015 Bex 0

We finally finished the rearranging of the apartment last weekend, which meant that Mikey’s toys and play area now have a new home. The new, reorganized space gives him a lot more room to play […]

Miso Crafty

Tissue Paper “Stained Glass” Kid Friendly Craft

March 2, 2015 Bex 0

You will need: Coloured tissue paper Construction paper Pencil Scissors Something circular to draw around (like a plate) Contact paper or self adhesive laminating sheets Place the plate (or circular object) on the construction paper […]