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Punky Moms Weekend Market

December 9, 2016 Jennifer 0

It’s time for another Punky Moms Weekend Market! Sadly, last minute is how I roll :( We’re working on fixing that! See details on future markets at the bottom of this announcement!  Let’s forget about […]

SmartFeed & Punky Moms
Kids Media

SmartFeed: Fun for Kids, Easy for Parents

October 10, 2016 Jennifer 0

SmartFeed knows media is everywhere. You can’t turn around without being bombarded by unsolicited opinions, ads, and images. We think it’s time to search out good content instead of just trying to find the best filter […]

tiny feet - parenting blog
Voices Of Parenting

Tiny Feet

February 1, 2016 Jennifer 2

Tiny Feet. I’ve been viewing my friends new baby pictures a lot lately.    Tiny feet remind me that I’ve been a mother longer than I have been anything else. I’m counting, of course, the self-proclaimed motherhood […]

Accounts of Autism - Modified Motherhood
Voices Of Parenting

Belly Laughs – Accounts of Autism

January 9, 2016 Jennifer 0

I watch as he laughs deep belly laughs. The kinds of laughs that most people grow out of by the time they’re five or six. The laughs of pure joy. Something has tickled him in […]

chag chanukah sameach, let's make a menorah!
DIY Tutorials

Making a Menorah

December 9, 2015 Jennifer 2

Making a Menorah. Making memories. Being anywhere from the age of three to grown up in a Jewish home meant making a menorah when mom needed to occupy you. It’s a thing. Hi. I’m Jenn. I’m […]